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QuickBooks Merchant Service

If you do not have a "QuickBooks Merchant Service" account you can get one here

Once you select "QuickBooks Merchant Service" as your payment gateway you will be presented with a link that will take you to an website. This is where you authorize the shopping cart to process your transactions.
  1. Log into IntelliPAY
  2. Cart Settings
  3. Step 4 "Payment/Gateway Settings"
  4. Choose "QuickBooks Merchant Service" as your gateway
  5. Click on the link to get your connection token
  6. Login to QBMS
  7. Click "Create New Connection"
  8. Enter this value into the URL box
  9. Click save
  10. Congratulations your done
Note: If a connection token does not automatically appear in the shopping cart you will need to call QuickBooks 1-800-558-9558 and have their support staff give you the connection token for the token you just created. Then call our support staff 888-812-1626 option 1 and we will assist you in getting your account linked.

Once you have created your connection ticket we recommend you process a couple test transactions to check that the connection is working properly.

Credit card test numbers

QuickBooks Merchant Service connection token could not be saved, the appdata could not be verified. This appdata is either invalid or has expired. Please try again.