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Field 14: itemRecurring (optional)

This variable allows the merchant to create products that have an ongoing charge. Possible options for the frequency are Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Yearly, Yearly, or X-Daily (where X is any number of days)

How to build a recurring code
OptionalRequiredRequiredOptionalSuccesses Required For Cancellation OptionalFailure Type OptionalRecurring Type Optional

Part 1) Optional. If omitted then part 2 will be used by default. This field indicates when the first re-occurrence of the charge will happen.
Part 2) Required. The product will recharge your shopper at this frequency.
Part 3) Required. The product will recharge your customer this many times before being removed from the system. Setting this to -1 will charge the customer permanently until canceled.
Part 4) Optional. If left blank the original product price will be used. Enter the amount to charge your customer.
Part 5) Optional. If left blank they can cancel at any time. Enter =Cancel(5) if you require 5 Successful Transactions before allowing the shopper to cancel.
Part 6) Optional. If left blank multiple failures will be recorded.
Part 7) Optional. If left blank only part 4 will be charged. Enter =Product to include shipping and tax charges.

More ExamplesDescription
Monthly=4Charge the product price for 4 additional months.
Yearly=1Charge the product price for 1 additional year.
Monthly=-1Charge the product price FOREVER until removed.

Please note that some merchant account agreements may prohibit recurring charges that do not have a defined termination date.
Monthly=-1=4.95Same as above, except that it will charge 4.95 for the additional months rather than the original listed price.
42-Daily=-1Repeat the billing cycle every 42 days.
30-Daily=-1=Cancel(2)=Single=ProductShipping a new product every 30 days. Only 1 failure is recorded... when they fix their billing the product will ship and the Next Billing Date will reset.