Entrepreneurs attempting to establish and conduct online commerce are often confronted with undue complications, extensive programming requirements, and high start-up costs. IntelliCart was created to help resolve such problems and provide an affordable, complete online ordering and shopping cart system.

As you may have already discovered, IntelliCart is a full-featured shopping cart utility. IntelliCart utilizes the most up-to-date online technology and security techniques to allow your customers the ability to securely place and pay for orders directly from your web site.

After customizing the IntelliCart software, using our easy to use point-and-click technology, your IntelliCart account is fully functional, instantly available and ready for use. There is no need to install, upgrade, or download complicated programs or programming scripts, purchase a secure server with authentication certificate, create extensive code within your web documents, or pay an outside service to compile your product database.

The interaction between IntelliCart and your web site is seamless and allows your customers to easily navigate and purchase from your site. When your customers select items to purchase, IntelliCart simply remembers the products and services your customers "put" in the shopping cart. It then calculates all shipping, handling and sales tax charges, and delivers order notifications to you in a secure manner.

Others have paid thousands of dollars to create and maintain such powerful, high-tech Shopping Cart/Order Form procedure. With IntelliCart your customers are served quickly and securely which will help them purchase more and more often.