What is a cookie? There are several myths about how web servers use cookies to monitor your personal information. IntelliCart does use cookies—but not in any way that would compromise a participant's privacy. We do not gather cookie information for marketing purposes, to trace your browsing habits, or to collect any personal information about you.

A cookie is a simple line of text that a web server asks your Web Browser to remember for future use. A typical cookie may store your account username and password for a specific area or function in a Web Site.

  When to reset cookies...
Use the reset cookies button above:

•  If you change your account Cartid
•  If you change your Password
•  If you are using a "public" computer system and are unsure of prior IntelliCart participants
•  If you want to officially "log-off" our system

How we use cookies...
IntelliCart writes cookies to remember:

•  Your account Cartid (Username)
•  Your Password for up to 3 hours per session
•  The settings of the Order Form / Shopping Cart you are editing
•  The available permissions of your purchased package

Web Sites cannot make direct changes to your local cookies file, only your Web Browser can do that. Your browser — whether it's Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer — has security features built in which prevent servers from randomly writing information to your hard drive. If you turn off the cookie feature in your browser, your hard disk is 100% safe. However, even when the cookie feature is on, server information can only be written to your local cookie file (which can be deleted from a "file manager" -type program, and that information can only be retrieved by the server that wrote it.

In other words, if your browser currently accepts cookies — which it must in order to use IntelliCart — it will remember whatever we ask it to. However, it could never release shopping cart cookie information to any other Internet site.

Cookies will not be used for your customers as they shop your Web Site. Instead, their IP Address is referenced to process the order.